Developing a great logo or company brand is an important part of business development. We all know famous logos by companies such as Nike, Apple or McDonalds. Over the years many millions of dollars have been put behind these brands to make sure we remember them. While small to medium sized companies don’t have the huge marketing budgets or sophisticated branding strategies as these behemoths, there is still much they can do to increase their brands’ footprints and identities. A Harvard Business Review article pointed out just how impactful good branding can be. 

It starts with a simple understanding that a company logo design for a small to midsize business isn’t simple at all. It is a representation of hours of stress, hard work, hope and dreams. It is worthwhile to put time into creating a brand identity and logo that represents your mission as a company. In reality, sometimes logos have a short life when businesses either rebrand or don’t succeed. But for those brands’ identities that make it past those first grueling years, the logo and brand that has been created represents the journey it took to get there. .

Most business owners will take immense pride in seeing their logo or brand showing up in different places. From opening up that first box of embroidered shirts to the signage hanging over the local little league, there is a sense of pride because the image represents so much more than the image. It represents sweat equity, sleepless nights, elation and countless other emotions that come with growing a business.  

For consumers and customers, brand awareness plays an important role in decision making, market performance, and brand equity. A study from Frontiers cites that most “scholars have reached a consensus that brand recognition and recall are important while consumers are making purchase decisions and evaluating product usage experience or product quality.”

Brand strategy is not only meaningful for the business owner, but has a direct impact on the customer. So when it comes to your brand, make it count. At MackPac Branding we geek out on creative ways to help our clients promote their brand and have done so for many years. When our clients open their box of branded shirts, hats, bags and countless other items, the most common thing we hear is “That’s so cool!”

It’s your brand and you worked hard for it. Let’s not waste it, let’s make it count in promoting and celebrating your business. 

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