The Story of MackPac Branding

MackPac Branding is proud to be celebrating 25 years in...

it is more than your logo – It is your sweat and tears

Developing a great logo or company brand is an important...
MackPac Branding is proud to be celebrating 25 years in business! As we reflect on our growth it has been an exciting yet humbling experience.

Kevin MacKinnon entered the printing business by creating and assembling custom labels from a small garage setting. As a “grass-roots” expansion, he started to grow the business by focusing and penetrating efforts into the agriculture and horticulture industries. Quickly, MackPac Branding became a leader in manufacturing labels, tags, and print media.

Mark MacKinnon brought his technical savvy and diligence to efficient operations to help develop MackPac Branding as an integral partner offering prompt solutions to our growing business customers. Mark and Kevin took strides in acquiring new equipment, learning and applying new techniques and building relationships with key vendor resources, all of which enables MackPac Branding to provide in-house operations to help control quality and expedite lead times.

The foundation of MackPac Branding lies with excellent customer service. “Every customer is treated in a timely and personal manner”, Kevin professes. This is evident daily from our dedicated staff, from operations, sales, management and our beloved office support staff. Team “Mack Pack” is second to none!

Brother Scott came aboard in 2010 and helped bring sales experience from the financial services and event planning industries. Together the MacKinnon brothers spear-headed new opportunities within the print industry. 2011 we partnered with Proforma, a national leader in print and promotional resources. Since then, MackPac Branding has grown exponentially and has become a leader in the print and promotional industry winning numerous awards, namely being recognized by INC magazine as one of the fastest 5000 small business companies.

MackPac Branding acknowledges its success is based upon the relationships, support, and loyalty from every customer, vendor and employee. “We are truly grateful and appreciative of our customers who have entrusted in us over the years and we look forward to building continued relationships and partnerships”.